Creative Ways to Grow Indoor Plants at Home -- House plants can grow and show more than you might think. They are not only good as potted plants. You can grow them as living decorations that brighten up your home. Inventive ways will make ordinary plants extraordinary. These are creative ways to grow indoor plants at home.

Grow in hanging crates


Liven up vertical spaces with hanging plants. Not just any plants in hanging pots, you can make hanging planters in the style of wooden crates like this one. Dangling, trailing plants, and large leafy plants can be hung in a stylish way. Make sure it hangs firmly on the support to avoid unwanted things.

Grow on moss poles


Some plants grow climbing on the supports. Some of the best are pothos, heartleaf philodendron, and others. These plants with heart-shaped leaves can grow vines or climb on moss poles. They will grow up and display their stunning green leaves. It is a unique way to green up your interior.

Grow it in good places


You can grow plants anywhere. It is important that the plant get sunlight and proper care. You can up the decorating game by placing potted plants on the steps. Place it on the side of the stairs and make sure it doesn't hinder with access up the stairs.

Grow it into windowsill plants


Windowsill is probably the most preferred spot for indoor plants, such as pilea and tradescantia plants. They like a spot that gets bright, indirect light. These plants will also refresh windowsill. You can add decorative lights to beautify the windowsill at night.

Grow it into a room partition


You may need a divider between two spaces. The easiest way is to use a room partition. You can choose a partition like a shelf equipped with planters to put plants there. Partition like this one are movable and versatile.

Grow in into a great accent


Make a big statement with plants. You can pick such a calathea lutea plant. This plant has large leaves like banana tree leaves. This plant can grow indoors. You can make it a focal point plant that gives tropical freshness to the room.

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