How to Grow Cobra Lily -- This plant with a unique appearance that is rarely owned is a creative idea that you can have as a collection. Not many people own these plants, but they are becoming popular to have at home. Because it is not very familiar as an ornamental plant, maybe you need to pay attention to some details of care so that it grows well. For care, check How to Grow Cobra Lily.



This plant usually thrives in swamp areas with a high percentage of peat. Combine cobra lily soil with a little fine bark and sand. The right soil combination for cobra lily can provide good root system cooling.



Lighting is essential for healthy plant growth. The plant prefers direct sunlight or partial shade. If you want your cobra lily to grow tall and green, give it some partial sun. However, if you place them in direct sunlight, you will notice that they have a red tint and a shorter appearance.



The cobra lily requires enough water to cool its roots in bright areas. Because these plants are sensitive to chemicals and minerals in tap water, make sure you use clean water. Rainwater or distilled water can be used. In hot weather, sprinkle ice water on the ground to keep it cool and allow it to seep into the roots.



Basically, cobra lily plants do not require fertilization because they can eat insects and pests around them. Proper treatment regarding soil, water and lighting will help them grow well.



The ideal temperature range for the cobra lily is 21-26 degrees Celsius, with humidity at 50% to prevent the plant from drying out. Avoid overly warm environments because they will not grow well. As a result, you can use cold water to cool the soil's moisture.




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