Plants that are Pet-friendly for your Home

Plants that are Pet-friendly for your Home -- It is extremely difficult to keep plants away from pets. However, we can make sure that ornamental plants are safe for pets like dogs and cats. They must understand which plants are not harmful to them. You can choose from the following plants as pet-safe plants:



This plant, known as the highest oxygen-producing plant, is ideal for giving a room a tropical feel. Cats enjoy playing with and nibbling on the leaves of this plant. Don't worry, this plant is safe for cats and dogs and can be grown in a pot or in soil with regular watering.



This Chinese money plant is typically used as a decorative plant in all rooms. A plant that is safe for pets has low maintenance and grows well in temperatures ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep it out of direct sunlight, and the best location is near the windowsill.



This plant, which is called a prayer plant or peacock plant, has tropical leaves with stripes and spots on the leaves. The best plants to use in shady areas that are also pet-friendly. Keep it away from direct sunlight, which can cause the leaves color to fade.



Include some pet-safe succulents such as haworthia, echeveria, and a variety of other air plants. This type of succulent plant is popular because it is low-maintenance with indirect lighting, and requires light watering every two weeks.

Boston fern


The boston fern is a beautiful plant with a dominant green color that is suitable for use as a decoration in all rooms, especially hanging baskets. This plant is suitable for cats and dogs who prefer indirect lighting and high humidity levels.

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