7 Best Plants To Grow In Cold Weather

 Homiful.com - The weather is decreasing at the end of the year, which is a sign of winter. And this time makes the plants unable to survive due to increasingly extreme temperatures. 

But wait, here we have some cold plants that are suitable for winter. Look at these 7 Best Plants To Grow In Cold Weather. Check it out, everyone!

Dutch Iris


Tolerate with winter and snowy conditions, Dutch Irises commonly hardy from zones 3 through 9. Come from Spain and Portugal, this plant is lightly fragrant with multicolored flowers. You can plant them in the fall, and they include plants that are easy to grow.



Include flowering shrubs, Rhododendrons know for their showy pink springtime flowers. This plant is hardy enough to survive all the way to zone 4 depending on the variety. They also have waxy green leaves year-round.



Blueberries are plants or fruits that you can eat, and they also survive in cold temperatures in winter. These attractive plants are native to North America and cold hardy in zones 4 to 8, depending on the species and cultivar. 

You can plant Blueberries in spring. Easily to survive in frost, they need a frost-free period of about 140 days in order to produce maximum fruit.

Persian Lilac (Syringa x Laciniata)


Lilac is a plant that can survive in cold weather. They are hardy plants that can grow in zones 3 to 7 and pack one of the most potent perfume punches of all garden plants.

Bleeding Hearts


This unique plant prefers in winter. The bleeding heart has rows of pink heart-shaped flowers. And they look fragile. Include hardy plants, Bleeding Hearts can thrive in zone 8 all the way to zone 2.

Daffodils (Narcissus Deficiens x Obsoletus)


This bulb is hardy all the way to zone 3. And they can grow in cold temperatures, like in winter. Daffodils need cold weather to bloom well in the spring.



Depending on the variety, Hydrangea is hardy down to zone 3. This perennial shrub has long bloomed. And the blooms can change color based on the chemistry of the soil it's planted in.

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