7 Breathtaking Purple House Plants

Homiful.com  -- Get a purple spot in your home. It is as simple as planting purple-colored plants in your home. Purple plants will make for an amazing exotic indoor garden. Purple-tinged leaves will instantly liven up your space. Don't worry; these purple plants are easy to care and propagate. Find out more in 7 breathtaking purple house plants.

1. Tradescantia Zebrina


There are many names for Tradescantia zebrina. You may know it as Zebrina pendula, the silver-inch plant, or the wandering dude. The name derives from the way it grows, which is creeping, lush, and lovely. The leaves are a deep burgundy hue with silvery outlines on top and purple colors underneath.

Tradescantia zebrina prefers medium to bright light. This is a fun plant to purple up a sunny window in your home.

2. Alocasia Maharani


Actually, Alocasia '''Maharani'' does not have deep purple leaves like the picture. When exposed to UV lights for indoor plants, the silvery green leaves can turn in a breathtaking purple hue.

The name ''Maharani'' comes for Hindi word for ''queen''. This is a plant that deserves to be treated like a queen. It hates too much sun and cold winds, which could kill it.

3. Calathea


Calathea has dark, glossy leaves with purplish stripes that captivate anyone who sees them. Calathe is commonly grown as house plant, as it doesn't need bright light or direct sunlight.

Calathe likes warm and humit spots indoors. A bedroom or living space will be the perfect place for this exotic plant.

4. String of hearts


String of Hearts is a string succulent that can be grown in any home. They have a dark green marbled silver upper surface and a purple underside. The lower light setting makes the string of hearts have more prominent green leaves. You can set them on a bright light to bring out their sexy purple tones.

5. Oxalis triangularis


Oxalis triangularis has a magnificent royal purple color; what a queen! The leaves are rich purple with a darker triangle in the center. The five-petaled flowers appear on slender stems in the summer. It thrives in bright indirect light and withstand a few of hours direct light. When the soil is dry,  it's time to water it.

6. Hoya Pubicalyx


Hoya pubicalyx is a unique flowering plant. It has beautiful white flowers with a fragrant mocha-nighttime scent. When grown in more sunlight, the leaves of this easy-to-grow plant can turn to red or purplish shade. Hoya plants will also flower more if they receive ideal sunlight. They love to receive at least 4 to 6 hours bright indirect light per a day.

7. Tradecantia Nanouk


Tradescantia Nanouk will present you with stunning leaves in green, purple, and pink stripes. Light has a strong influence on leaf color variations. When you see this plant lose their purplish color, it is a sign that they are getting too little sun. Place them in a sunny window to bring out the purple hue.

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