Hanging Succulent Plants: 7 of The Best Trailing Houseplants to Grow

 Homiful.com - Maximize your space in home with trailing houseplant. Especially in succulent variety, you can get them in their various to enliven the vibes. And here we have 7 of The Best Trailing Houseplants to Grow. Let's check it out!

October Daphne Sedum


Has botanical name Sedum sieboldii, this houseplant is a cold hardy that often grown at outdoor area. But you also can put them in a sunny window if you don't have outdoor space. October Daphne Sedum has blue-green leaves edged in pink and stems that grow about a foot long.

Calico Kitten Plant


One of attractive houseplant, you can grow Calico Kitten or Crassula pellucida 'Variegata' as trailing houseplant. They have beautiful heart shaped green leaves edged in cream and pink. And the stems grow upright and eventually trail over the pot once they're heavy enough.

Christmas Cactus


It's just right with the atmosphere of winter and Christmas. You can grow Christmas cactus at home as a trailing houseplant. This holiday cacti is perfect to put at in your indoor or outdoor area. They are also easy to grow, forgiving of neglect, and have attractive foliage and flowers.

Mexican Stone Crop


Mexican stone crop easy to grow, both indoor or outdoor area. This houseplant is hardy to zone 7. They have narrow, almost needle like green leaves that grow on mounding, pendulous stems.

String of Buttons (Crassula perforata)


Crassula perforata is a beautiful trailing houseplant that grows densely along their stem. The effect is long chains of leaves that appear stacked one upon another. 

String of Buttons, perfect for beginner because they are easy to care for. Water deeply when the soil is dry and make sure they receive plenty of light.

Hoya Compacta (Hindu Rope Hoya)


Can be called Hoya carnosa, they are beloved by indoor gardeners for their ease of cultivation and tropical foliage. This houseplant has waxy, semi-succulent leaves that twist and curl on pendulous stems.

Sedum Burrito (Baby Donkey's Tail)


Mostly known as the Donkey's tail, this trailing houseplant is suitable to decorate your home for pretty and eye-catching. The pointy succulent leaves hang in long draping chains, often trailing 3 to 4-feet long. 

Place these succulents in plenty of light and water them when the soil is dry, about 2-inches down.

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