Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation of Coleus Plants

Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation of Coleus Plants -- Coleus is a low-maintenance tropical deciduous plant that is ideal for beginners. Plants with bright and colorful colors will enhance the beauty of your garden. This perennial performs well as a summer bed plant or as an indoor houseplant. Even for beginners, there are numerous ways to properly grow coleus.

How to care for coleus plants

Grow it in the appropriate container


This pant thrives in container plantings that favor loose soil over compact soil. Use a container or container large enough to hold a full-sized plant. This will quickly fill the plant, and the foliage is attractive.

Grow in the soil


Coleus thrives in moist, well-drained soil, With fibrous roots, this plant prefers humidity and a cool environment and thrives in compost. This plant thrives in soil that contains organic matter or a sand-perlite mixture.

A guide to caring for coleus



Coleus prefers frequent watering and requires sunlight to thicken its growth. They wilt quickly but will recover in a matter of hours if properly watered. If necessary, water the coleus on a daily basis during the summer, either early in the morning or during the day. 



This plant grows quickly and easily to become a large plant that thrives at the end of the season. Consider using suitable container, such as a hanging basket or sleeping bag. Give diluted liquid fertilizer and water once every week or two weeks.

Perform pruning


Coleus, like all plants, will look nice when the flowers bloom. However, coleus grows quickly and requires pruning to encourage new shoots and flowering. Because the plants are usually dormant during the winter, pruning is an option.

Diseases and pests


Many pests, particularly slugs, spider mites, mealybugs, and white fleas, will disturb coleus when grown outdoors. And insect are commonly found on ornamental plants. Take medication to keep your plants healthy and safe from pest and diseases.

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