Best Window Box Trailing Plants


Best Window Box Trailing Plants -- Ignoring window boxes can enhance the appearance of a home. Even on a tight budget, you can splurge on a beautiful flower plant to fill your window box. The allure of a window box filled to the brim with houseplants and flowers will add color and flow to it. Use the following plants to create a charming atmosphere in your window box:

Sweet potatoes


Gardening in a window box will give you a sensational feeling. This sweet potato vine is a trellis-climbing annual plant that grows quickly. A the very least, it can be placed near a  window for 6 hours day and tolerate partial light.



Is a popular plant that looks great in a window box, according to many people. Lantana is a simple plant with blue-green and chartreuse foliage that thrives in hot sun and requires little light.

English Ivy


English ivy is an evergreen vine with vines that looks lovely as a hanging plant or in a window box. This plant grows well in partial shade and tolerates drought. Ivy does not require much watering but should be watered only when the soil is dry.



Impatiens plants will make your window box look and feel more alive. This plant is a cluster of bright red, pink, and purple flowers that will bloom all year and put on a spring show.



This plant has four petals surrounded by large calyx lobes and small flowers in a variety of colors. Its appealing appearance in these climates is produced by many flowers and usually leaves covered in flowers. The species can grow to be up to 12 inches tall and well developed.



Petunia is a flowering plant that blooms and grows well from spring to autumn. Petunia clusters in white, red, purple, and pink will look great in a home window box and may be reconsidered for new plantings in hanging baskets.

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