Best Bromeliads Types That You Can Grow Easily In The Home -- Bromeliads are prized for their unique foliage, color, and shape. Moreover, bromeliads are hardy and low-maintenance plants. They grow in extremely dry conditions. These plants also improve air quality after business hours.

Bromeliads come in lots of fun colors and shapes. You'll be amazed to see how gorgeous they grow. Let's find out the best bromeliads types that you can grow easily in the home.

1. Vriesea splendens


Need plants for your home or office? Opt for Vriesea spendlens, which is a popular indoor plant and pet-friendly.

The leaves are glossy green with crimson flowers that bloom from 3 t 6 months. They hold up well in bright, filtered sunlight. Furthermore, Vriesea bromeliad improves air quality after working hours.

2. Earth Stars


Earth stars (Cryptanthus spp) are part of the Bromeliad family.  This plant offers leaves forming a rosette in brilliantly bold and pink. Their delightful leaves and spectacular one-time blooms will blow your mind. Keep in mind that earth stars don't like too much sun, as it will bleach out their color. Place it in a strong bright light but indirect sun.

3. Hohenbergia humilis


If you are lovers of plants that look dry but are extremely drought-tolerant, choose Hohenbergia. It belongs to the Bromeliaceae family of plants. This plant can survive in a wide range of conditions, from sandy, dry to humid. They're adorable, with pinkish attractive leaves that resemble pineapple. 

4. Aechmea Parati


The bromeliad ''Aechema parati'' is such a popular bromeliad, you've probably seen it a lot. These plants will add a splash of color and unique shape to your garden and home. It withstand a lot of sun with its ability to purify the air. 

5. Neoregelia 'Fireball'


Neoregelia 'fireball' will amaze you with its upright rosette leaves in deep purple. Neoregelia is a cold-hardy type of bromeliad. Put them in bright, indirect light to make them happy. This plant despise water on its leaves, so avoid getting water on them when watering.

6. Aechmea chantinii


This is a bromeliad native to Amazon rainforest. They come in many color variations of the leaves; you might see them in green or silvery leaves like this one. The leaves always have a striped pattern in deep green, making for a nice contrast.

7. Billbergia 'Hallelujah''


Ayone who sees the billbergia bromeliad ''Hallelujah'' will be astounded. Its upright foliage is an extraordinary deep purple color. Billbergia do not need a lot of water, but they do prefer moist conditions. Billbergia ''Hallelujah'' will keep your room fresh even during the winter.

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