7 Lovely Indoor Plants with Rose-like Highlights

7 Lovely Indoor Plants with Rose-like Highlights

Homiful.com -- Bright colors like those of roses can give off a stunning, regal appearance. Roses are one of the stunning flowers that are frequently used for home and interior pages because of this. You can have indoor plants with red leaves and flowers all year long if you'd rather not limit yourself to rose alone. You will undoubtedly fall in love if seven of them combine to create a vivid red hue in a well-known room.

Begonia BeLeaf "Inca Flame"


Begonia beleaf, which originates in East India and is cultivated as an ornamental plant that spreads to the market, is an ornamental plant similar to roses. The large, heart-shaped leaves on this plant have lovely veining, and they look stunning. If placed in an area with indirect light, the pink hue will look distinctive and eye-catching.



The poinsettia is a plant with red leaves that is frequently used as a Christmas plant. Where it can complement dark leaf vegetation, this plant thrives indoors.

Caladium Florida Sweetheart


Caladium is a very lovely ornamental plants that can add grandeur and drama to the interior. A plant with large and small string leaves, the veins of the leaves are clearly visible in the center, and the leaves are shades of pink, looking disheveled.

Pink Aloe


This aloe vera plant's slow growth and lovely color make it popular. To make the interior lighter and blusher, pink with a charming appearance is crucial. Placement in direct sunlight is crucial, and the cooper-like red leaf color will surprise you.

Crassula Capitella


This branching succulent has fleshy, yellow-green, pinkish-red, adn tumbling leaves. In response to both the dark winter night and the vivid photographic sun, their colors intensify in the winter as they grow in clusters.

Calathea Rosey


Large oval-shaped plants have lovely leaves and clearly visible fibers, making them a good alternative to roses in general. Calathe rosey has leaves with pink centers and green edges that resembles peacock feathers.

Earth Star


An earth star is a red ornamental plant that still belongs to the bromeliad family. Has the botanical name cryptanthus, and due to its small size, it is ideal for room decoration. It looks lovely in pink and bronze green. With real low light, it requires little maintenance.

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