Top 7 Beginner-Friendly Plants -- If you are a beginner gardener and want to collect houseplants, it is preferable to grow low-maintenance plants. There is a wide range of plants that are simple to grow and do not require special care.
One of the simplest ways to instantly refresh a room is to have plants in it. Here are the top 7 beginner-friendly plants, selected especially for you! Check it out down below!

1. Boston fern


We recommend Boston fern for you a novice gardener. This plant can grow outdoors on indoors. When indoors, the best place is near the window.
Boston fern has characteristic leaves of a charming long shape.

2. Burro's tail


Hanging plants are the best choice for those of you who want to grow plants but have limited space. Burro's tail is a succulent that can grow well even indoors.
As the name implies, these vines have a unique donkey-tail-like shape.

3. Monstera deliciousa


Who does not fall in love with the beauty of Monstera leaves? They are ornamental plants with characteristic unique leaves.
Interestingly, Monstera is a low-maintenance plant and can grow well in any condition. Suitable for novice gardeners.

4. Philodendron heart leaf


Philodendron is a beautiful ornamental plant with low maintenance. These vines are suitable for use as room decoration to make them look cooler and more beautiful.
Philodendron has charming green leaves.

5. Pothos


It may be difficult to tell the difference between Photos and Philodendron. Both of them are vines. but they are actually different.
Pothos is one of the lowest-maintenance indoor plants. Suitable for novice gardeners.

6. Snake plant


If you are looking for the best low-maintenance plants, Snake plant is at the top of the list. Snake plant has many varieties and all of them are easy to grow.
According to NASA research, snake plants can purify the air from pollution in the room.

7. Haworthia Zebra plant


Haworthias is a tiny plant that is suitable for use as a table decoration for your living room. Zebra plant is a plant that is easy to grow even with dry soil.

Those are the top 7 beginner-friendly plants. Which plant is your choice?

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