7 Small Vertical Herb Gardens for Indoor and Outdoors

Homiful.com -- Small space is not a stumbling block to growing your own food, at least for an herb garden. A herb garden will be a handy garden. You can pick the herb needed to perfect and spice up your favorite food.

Making an herb garden can be done anywhere, both indoors and outdoors. You can even make ti in a small space with these ideas for vertical gardens. See interesting ideas in 7 small vertical herb gardens for indoors and outdoors.

1. Grow it in a wooden board


A vertical garden is a great way to grow herbs in a small area. You can use a wooden board equipped with special hooks to place potted herbs vertically. A wooden board like this can hold nine potted herbs in a neat arrangement. The pot can also be taken for watering, so the potted herb underneath it is not over-watered

2. Vertical gardens with used goods


Do not throw away the unused iron basket. That could be a good medium for growing your herbs vertically. The basket can be hung or firmly attached to the wall. You can put potted herbs in there to grow thickly. You don't have to worry about running out of herb stock to season your food, as it grows lushly.

3. Vertical herb gardens use water propagation methods

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You probably don't want an indoor garden that gets dirty quickly. You could try the water propagation method to create a vertical garden. Set it up like a mini propagation water lab. This way allow you to not water the plant anymore, although you still need to change the water once it's getting cloudy.

Find out which herbs can grow in water by clicking here: best herbs that can grow well year-round just with water.

4. Grow it in a special vertical planter


Create a vertical garden that doesn't go out of style. You can choose to plant herbs in a special vertical planter like the picture above. The sleek design and white color make the herb green stand out and liven up the plain white wall.

5. DIY 3-tier shelf


Do you enjoy being creative? If so, make a special shelf for a small herb garden out of the remaining wood blocks you have. More potted herbs can be placed higher up. If you want to be practical simply use ready-made vertical stacking shelves from your local furniture store.

6. Another stacking shelves ideas


One more stacking rack for an indoor or outdoor vertical garden. You can use a wooden shelf like this, which is movable and handy. Add an identification mark to the potted herb to make it easier to care for and to ensure that you don't get it wrong. It will add charm to your herb garden.

7. Herb garden in balcony railing


Use the balcony railing to create a vertical herb garden. Potted herbs can be hung from railing planters. If not on the balcony railing, it can be grown on the kitchen window sill. A kitchen with a vertical garden will undoubtedly make cooking easier.

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