7 Fantastic Ways to Decorate with Indoor Plants to Energize Your Room

Homiful.com -- The presence of plants in the room provides many immediate benefits. indoor plants have the advantage of purifying toxins in the air and improving air quality in the room. A clean and healthy environment will help to calm the mind and reduce stress.
Do you want to learn how to decorate plants? We'll show you 7 fantastic ways to decorate with indoor plants to energize your room. Let's get into the specifics!

1. Areca palm in the living room

The plant in the living room has many benefits. Not only as decoration of the room, the plants in the living room can also purify the air well.
According to NASA research, Areca palm is a plant that can eliminate toxins in the room well. Palm trees are well suited to be placed in the corner of the living room.

2. Plants in the bedroom

Some plants are recommended to be placed in the bedroom to help sleep better. This Bohemian-style bedroom looks more lively with English Ivy decorations hanging by the window. And also Calathea with wide leaves that bring the room to life.

3. Boston fern in the kitchen

Make cooking more enjoyable by arranging an attractive kitchen. Plants in the kitchen will make the look fresher. Boston fern is a beautiful plant that can grow in the kitchen. 
The plant is also easy to grow suitable for novice gardeners.

4. Ficus elastica in the corner of the room

If you are looking for a plant with low maintenance, Ficus elastica is one of the plants that you can grow well.
Ficus elastica has a characteristic beautiful oval leaf. Suitable for decorating the corners of the room.

5. Indoor plants on the stairs

To make the appearance of the stairwell area even more attractive, try adding refreshing greenery.
There are many plants that you can use as room decorations. Use Philodendron plants hanging on rattan baskets or aesthetically dried plants.

6. Refresh the workspace

Refresh the workspace at home so that productivity increases. Lavender is an indoor plant that emits a soothing fragrance. The plant is also beautiful, suitable for reviving the atmosphere of the room.

7. Beautiful flowers near the stairs

 Not only greenery, you can improve the beauty of the room by growing beautiful flowers. Plants with colorful flowers can give the impression of a more cheerful and bright room.

Those are 7 fantastic ways to decorate with indoor plants to energize your room. Which is your favorite plant?

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