6 Indoor Trees That Thrive In Low Light

6 Indoor Trees That Thrive In Low Light

Homiful.com -- In recent years, a lot of gardeners have used houseplants as interior decor. You should be able to add more towering plants for a grander houseplant statement when ornamental plants take over the space. The room is certainly complemented by this collection to make it more memorable all year long.

Fragrans dracaena


Long, slender leaves are found on the corn plant, a very attractive tree plant to add to this collection of indoors plants. This plant's striking coloration features a broad, running yellow stripe on tis thick stems and corn-like leaves. Plant in fertile soil that is well-drained and requires some light.

Ficus Maclellandii


Some ficus collectors are still familiar with this plant, also known as the banana leaf ficus. Long leaves and red buds will eventually turn dark green, giving the house a tropical feel. This ficus can quickly withstand high heat and wall temperatures.

Area palm


The most decorative plants for creating a tropical atmosphere that can drive away excess heat are those that are frequently placed in living rooms. Slightly tolerant of drought prefers warm, humid conditions. As it can cause dryness, keep it away from the living room's air conditioner.

Dragon tree


This resilient plant is suitable for novices who enjoys a lot. This plant has narrow, red or purple edges on tis knife-like leaves. These trees requires watering only when the ground is completely dry and are simple to maintain. 

Lady palm


A small tree with glossy green leaves that are attractive but grow slowly, this fan-shaped leaf is perfectly suited to be placed in the corner of the room. This plant is ideal for growing indoors because it can tolerate low light levels and thrive favorable conditions.

Rubber tree


This common 6 to 10 foot tall plant looks great in any space. The space feels more tropical because of the wide, waxy leaves. You can choose from a range of colors, including almost black and dark green. In moist soil, it thrives and prefers watering in dry soil.

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