Best Herbs That Can Grow Well Year-round Just With Water -- Having a herb garden at home can be enjoyable, particularly for home chefs. The herbs will make cooking easier and delicious. However, what if you don't have a large plot of land for a herb garden? Do it by planting in water or hydroponically. This method will help you to save space. Begin by planting the best herbs that can grow well year-round just with water.

1. Cilantro

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Cilantro has a strong taste that will perfect your cooking. Unfortunately, cilantro wilts quickly when purchased at the grocery store. Instead of easily throwing away wilted cilantro, you can grow your own.

Cilantro seeds can be grown in water or hydroponically. They can grow this lushly, as their root absorb nutrients from the water.

2. Rosemary and thyme

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You can grow delicious rosemary and thyme in a jar with nothing but water. A few healthy sprigs of rosemary and thyme can grow roots and stay in water. Choose a flexible stalk rather than a woody one. Remove a few leaves until they are no longer submerged. Soak them in water for a week, and they will sprout roots.

3. Mint

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Mint is an easy herb for you to propagate with water. You can grow mint from cuttings. Clean the underside of the leaves and submerge 1/3 of the stem in water. Place it in a well-lit location. Change the water for a few days to keep it fresh, and they will grow roots and more leaves.

4. Sage


Sage is a wonderful herb to propagate. You can grow sage cuttings in water without adding rooting hormone to the water. Instead of that, try using aloe vera as a stimulant for root growth before soaking it in water. Use non-chlorine water to make it grow happily.

5. Basil

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Basil is a versatile herb. If you don't have land, you can grow basil in water. Cut the stems of healthy basil stems. Place it in a transparent jar filled with water to wait for the basil to grow roots. Place it in a warm area that receives bright indirect sunlight.

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