7 Pop Up Plants to Catch Everyone's Attention

Homiful.com -- Isn't it fun to take care of plants with all of your heart? Then they put on a spectacular show. Plants come in a wide range of interesting shapes. You've probably seen plants with lovely dangling leaves, lush vines, and so on. How about a pop up plant to get your attention? They will make an excellent focal point for your interior design. 

Find out more about stunning plants with the part that pops up in in 7 pop-up plants to catch everyone's attention.

1. Geranium '' Mrs. Cox''


Flowering plants in the Geranium genus will amaze you with their exotic leaves and pretty flowers. You may know geranium as Crane's bill.

This one is Geranium ''Mrs. Cox''. It's a type of perlagonium hybrid that's cultivated as an ornamental plant. This plant has tricolor, fancy foliage. During the brightest season, it will produce salmon-colored blooms that pop up from its branches.

2. Pelargonium ''Mrs. Parker''


This is yet another lovely perlagonium. Some call it the Chelsea Gem. This plant has variegated green foliage with white edge, which creates a striking contrast.

The pink flowers appear to be sticking out among the lush leaves. It is a showy houseplant that effortlessly adds a touch of fresh elegance.

3. Oxalis 'Iron Cross''


The Oxalis iron cross will reward you with stunning foliage. The plant has green leaves with a burgundy center. They can be grown indoors and thrive in both direct and indirect light. Open green leaves seem to pop up from a thin stalk; even though they look small, they can grow very dense.

4. Bromeliad

Bromeliads are hardy plants that you must have. Find out which type is the best bromeliads types that can be grown at home, here! This plant has green pinnate leaves that look like pineapple leaves. Pink flowers will grow tall and beautiful, sticking out from the middle of the leaves.

5. Stephania plant


Look how adorable this Stephania plant is! Coin-green leaves seem to pop out of their thick humps. This unusual plant prefers a bright environment with little to no direct sunlight. The Stephania erecta is toxic to cats and dogs, keep your pet out of harm's way.

6. Sedum sieboldii


Sedum sieboldii is a low-growing plant that has a rounded mound. The plant is sending out horizontal branches from its main crown. This is a low growing succulents variety that's also great for hanging. At the ends of their runner, they produce clumped pink flowers.

7. Oxalis obtusa


Oxalis obtusa is a lovely ornamental plant from Oxalidacea family. Clover-like leaaves in a fresh green color. This plant produces deep salmon pink flowers with a bright yellow center. It's great for pots in face paintings, oxalis obtusa would show up as potted hair with a crown of pink flowers.

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