7 Low-Light Plant Room Decorating Ideas


7 Low-Light Plant Room Decorating Ideas

Homiful.com -- Not all plants can be grown in direct sunlight. Choosing plants must also consider their placement in this regard. If it's indoors, a plant that can survive in a low-light environments is the obvious choice. Ornamental plants will be charming and quiet growing well indoors even with dim lighting. See the following plant types in this review:

Spider plant


Spider plants are plants that can grow both indoors and outdoors. This tropical plant has small, elongated leaves with attractive narrow white and green stripes. Very suitable for the room's walls or in a hanging basket with dense leaves hanging down. This plant requires 3 to 4 hours of sunlight per day.'



Peperomia is the best plant to grow in the absence of sunlight. For best result in partial light, place this plant in a room window. This is the ideal plant for decorating a low-light room. Long, gleaming leaves can be draped around a wall shelf or cabinet.

ZZ plant


The zz plant is a plant that does more than just look good with its shiny, waxy green foliage. With regular watering, this plant can be kept in a completely dark room. This plant thrives in shady and indirect light conditions.

The boston fern


The boston fern is a type of fern that can be grown in a low-light environment. This beautiful green plant with long finger leaves grows well in acidic soil. For healthy growth, keep the soil moist.

English ivy


Ivy is the best plant for decorating a room. This cultivable plant grows vines and cascades up shelves in low light. Very lovely to hang on the wall of a simple house. To get partial light, place it around a windowsill.



The heartleaf philodendron is a foliage plant that grows well in low light conditions. This pothos-like plant is ideal for growing vines and shrubs. Keep the soil moist and only water when the soil is dry.

Peace lily


This incredible plant with white flowers and dark green leaves is ideal for any room in the house. The plant that gives this extraordinary charm thrives in low-light environments. This plant prefers partial lighting for a few hours per day.

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