7 Gorgeous Houseplants That Display Velvet Leaves

 Homiful.com - Collect dramatic and fuzzy velvet textures for houseplants at your home. It can shine yours indoors into a pleasant and convenient dwelling. You can get more with these 7 Gorgeous Houseplants That Display Velvet Leaves. Let's check it out!

Alocasia Black Velvet (Alocasia Reginula)


This houseplant has oval features with heart-shaped velvety leaves. The foliage is adorned with black at the top and purple at the bottom. And the veins have a light shade that can bring gorgeous looks.

Zebra Calathea


Displaying white and purple, the foliage of Zebra Calathea can bloom in spring. Called Zebra because the foliage has features like Zebra skin. You can put them indoors and improve the ambiance.

Jungle Velvet Calathea


Another houseplant that can place indoors is Jungle Velvet Calathea. They offer bold velvety leaves making it look striking along with burgundy undersides and dark green color.

Philodendron Gigas


Offering dark and velvet foliage, Philodendron Gigas is perfect to place in your indoor area or office. The new growth of this houseplant appears in copper color with white veins.

Chocolate Soldier Plant


Still included in succulent species, Chocolate Soldier is suitable for busy people or beginners. With low maintenance, you can grow them in an indoor area. They have soft narrow velvety leaves with thick dark chocolate brown edges.

Gynura Aurantiaca (Purple Passion Plant)


Mostly known as the purple passion plant, this houseplant displays an interesting blend of velvety green foliage with thick deep purple hair. Grow them in a hanging basket or pot and put them in a perfect spot for stunning and eye-catching.

African Violet


Not only produce flowers, but African violet also displays beautiful foliage with dark-green and velvety. Grow this houseplant in a pot and put them on the tabletop for a pretty look.

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