7 Beautiful Red Succulent That You Must Have

Homiful.com -- Succulents have many varieties with various colors and shapes. Having it as a plant collection is also very easy because it has no fuss maintenance and is perfect for a decorative accent in your room. However, this time we will categorize some red succulent varieties that you can have at home. Check 7 Beautiful Red Succulents That You Must Have.



Echeveria Agavoides


Echeveria is quickly becoming one of the most popular succulent varieties. It is popular due to its thick leaves and rose-like shape. You can get red from this echeveria agavoides. The thick, yellowish-green leaves have beautiful red margins and splashes that add to their beauty.

Sedum Rubrotinctum


Unlike echeveria which has wider leaves, this sedum variety has distinctive small leaves that fill the stem. Many people make it as an awesome hanging plant. Place it on the porch ceiling area because this plant can survive in an outdoor area with bright sun.

Red Aloe


As the name suggests, it looks like aloe vera in general but with a red color that looks attractive. You can pair it with your green aloevera and make a lot of people wonder about the similarity of shapes with different colors.

Sempervivum Red Rubin


This variety has flatter leaves than echeveria. The deep red color is visible from the new leaves and the outer leaves have a refreshing green. What's interesting about these plants is that they change color according to the season and are more intense when it's cold.

Euphorbia Trigona Royal Red


This plant better known as cacti with impressive colors. The stem has 3 sides which are covered with burgundy red leaves which have random shades of green. They will also be a decoration idea that you will love.

Christmas Sleigh Aloe


This plant's distinctive leaves have a pointed tip and a reddish-dark brown color. The thorns on the edges of the leaves are a striking red color. You can also combine these plants to create a collection of plants with distinct appearances.

Kalanchoe Luciae


This Kalanchoe appears to have leaves that are a combination of red, orange, and green, making it more appealing. This variety is distinguished by flat-shaped leaves. What's fascinating about this plant is that when you place it on the ground, the leaves can sprout new shoots.




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