Everything You Should Know About African Violet Blooms and Flowers

Homiful.com -- African violets become well-known for their velvety green leaves and brightly colored flowers. The flowers are not only violet, but also come in white, pink, blue, and other colors.

African violet is a flowering plant with a year-round bloom, even during the cold winter months. When you find the proper care routine for this plant, you will discover that these lovely flowering plants are simple to grow. Everything you should know about African violet blooms and flowers.

Get to know your African violet closely


Unlike other flowers that bloom gorgeously only to die off, the African violet is not like that. It is a perennial plant that can flower again and again. Proper care allows them to life up to 50 years and more. You need to prune the African violet regularly to maintain its great blooms.

Know when African violet flowers


African violets require 12 hours of bright, indirect light per day. This will boost the number of blooms. This plant dislikes direct sunlight as it causes the leaves to scorch.

Of you only use natural light, African violets may stop blooming as the day get shorter. Winter's dry air also restrict flowering. You may need to invest in the temperature and climate equipment to keep it blooming in your living zone.

Avoid things that hurt this lovely plant


You should know the things that should be avoided in the care and flowering of African violets. Direct sunlight is harmful to this plant, as it dries out the leaves and flowers. African violets dislike underwatering and overwatering. The plant also dislike overly shady or dry place, which can cause it to grow pale, thin, and weak.

What you need to flower it


Avoid things that interfere with growth. You also have to know the things that make it produce a healthy flower, including;
  • African violet blooms require light for healthy blooms. Make sure these plants get 10 to 12 hours of bright indirect light per day. 
  • Place it an east-facing window with plenty of bright indirect light for this plant.
  • This plant prefer stay well-hydrated. If the top inch soil feel dry after 2-3 days, water them until water drains from the drainage holes.
  • Feed them fertilizer like worm compost and organic formula. During summer and spring, fertilizer once every 2 weeks.

Small pot/container, why not?


If you observe that many African voiles are grown as houseplant in small pot. The plant like to bloom somewhat in small pots. However, make sure you not pick too small pot as it will stress the African violet and stop flowering. Choose a pot that is about 1/2 to 2/3 as wide as the leaves are for the best bloom.

Prune the African violets


If you want your African violets to flower more often, prune them. That will help get rid of the overgrowth that is unnecessarily there. Only 3-5 rows of leaves from the center contribute to the inflorescence. You can prune the outermost leaves every month.

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