Why is My Lavender Plant Dying? (6 Easy Solutions)

Homiful.com -- Lavender is a beautiful flowering plant that has many uses around the house. This plant, among other things, can improve the beauty of the interior of the room, making sleep more restful and calm.
The Lavender plant is actually easy to care for. However, there were some issues that causes lavender to wither and die.
The solution to why is my Lavender plant dying can be found here. Let's read!

Too frequent watering lavender


A possible problem with Lavender is watering too much. Too frequent and abundant watering causes Lavender to die.
The solution you can apply is to reduce the sprinkler, and put the plants in full sun. Be sure to always check the condition of the soil. 



Another problem that is often experienced by Lavender is the condition of the soil. You need to make sure the drainage goes well 
Lavender grows well with a soil PH higher than 6-8.



Lavender grows well in full sun. But if you grow Lavender indoors, you can place them near the window. You can occasionally to take them out outdoors.

4. Temperature


Temperature is another important thing that you should not miss. Due to inappropriate temperatures can causes Lavender dying
Adult lavender withstands temperature of -12 degree Celsius. But young Lavender Plants have problems surviving temperatures below 4 degrees Celsius.

5. Attacking pests


Actually, Lavender plant can defend well against insects. But some types of insects can attack them. Among them are spittle bugs, the solution you can do spraying so that insects disappear.
Carry out spraying thoroughly.

6. Fertilizer application


Lavender plants need little fertilizer to grow healthy. Applying excessive fertilizer can make Lavender wither and die.
You should also consider the appropriate fertilize. You can apply fertilizer one a month.

That is the solution of the Lavender problem. We hope it is useful. 

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