7 Water-Loving Indoor Plants

Homiful.com -- Don't take it wrong! This isn't about that enjoy being over-watered, but rather about plants that can thrive in water. Yep, it is water propagation.

Water propagation is such a beautiful process. Just by placing the cuttings in the water, you'll get new plant shoots. You'll be amazed at how the plant's roots appear in the water little by little, until they're thick and fill the clear vase or jar.

Discover the best plants for it with this list of 7 water-loving indoor plants.

1. Peace lily hydro


Peace lilies can be grown successfully without soil using the hydroponic method. Its roots can grow this lush in water that's enriched with nutrients. Tropical green leaves grow thickly alongside the lush root. Change the water every two weeks. Algae may grow for a period of time, so it's important to scrub any algae out of of the container.

2. Spider plant


Grow your spider plant in water! They can transform an empty table into an eye-catching water propagation corner. Just a clear glass solves the problem. Make sure that no part of the spider plant is submerged. There, you can add rocks, then soak the roots and let the leaves sticking out of the glass.

3. Peperomia Frost Leaf


This peperomia amazes with its silvery-green leaves. Ruffled leaves with a frosty appearance is also something that makes this beloved houseplant popular. Peperomia is a plant that grow well in water. The roots will grow larger and stronger in just three months.

4. Hyacinth


Hyacinths are a good choice if you live in growing zones 4-8. Not just any hyacinth, but those that grow their dense white roots in water. Hyacinth does better in hourglass-shaped jars. Fill the bottom half with water and allow the bulbs to grow. It will be a flower with a lovely fragrance in the house.

5. Succulents


Succulents are simple plants to propagate in water. A healthy part of the succulent can be soaked in the water. Even soaked leaf cuttings in water will promote succulents to root. As long it's growing roots, succulents in a clear jar filled with water make a great decoration on the table.

6. Hoya Kerrii


Do you have Hoya Kerii at home? You can easily reproduce it with the water propagation method. Cut healthy leaves. Soak the leaf stalk in water. Make sure all parts of water are not touched by water, so as not to rot. Wait until the root sprout. 

7. Chinese evergreen


Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema Maria will thrives in the water. Pick a vessel of water and grow them on it. Feed the plant once a month with a few drops of liquid fertilizer. Add a little charcoal to the water too to make it ideal for this plant's growing medium.

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