7 Types of Alocasia With Stunning Beauty

7 Types of Alocasia With Stunning Beauty

Homiful.com -- Alocasia is a row of beautiful ornamental plants that are popular and sought after by ornamental plant enthusiast. You must be familiar with this plant, which is frequently used as the front collection on the home plant shelf. 

This alocasia deserve admiration for its many varieties with charming foliage and varying leaf sizes, as well as its ease of care. Other popular varieties are listed below:

Alocasia Dragon Scale


This is a very desirable alocasia type plant because of its distinctive leaf appearance with strokes and different colors. The bone-shaped leaf strokes will shrink in a variety of ways. This vibrant leaf color, heart-shaped gradient green pattern is ideal for home decoration.

Alocasia Zebrina


The alocasia zebrina appears to be the simplest type. Alocasia leaves are plain, without veins, and come in a variety of colors. This alocassia is very appealing because of the fresh green color that is evenly distributed throughout the surface and lacks excessive motifs and patterns. Because this plant contains toxic substances, it should be kept away from children and pets.

Alocasia Black Velvet


This plant, also known as the Little Queen, is found is Southeast Asia's rainforests. Dark green foliage with pale white veins on a plant. The leaves are quite thick, the heart shape is small due to its ability to grow up to 6 inches in length, and is  is stiff when bent. Even year, alocasia black velvet grows and can be found in the forest of Kalimantan.

Alocasia Silver Dragon


The taro flowering plant alocasia silver dragon is native to the tropics, Throughout the year, the dominance of this silver leaf color can hardly turn yellow and even fall. The stem's resistance to supporting the leaves is increasing. Leaves in the shape of a shield with a tiered frame. This silver dragon alocasia has dark green leaves and a silver color that is both elegant and expensive.

Alocasia Jacklyn


The amazing thing about this jacklyn alocasia is that it is a relatively rare plant. Native to Indonesia and other countries, with a very appealing physique. A distinct leaf shape with fingered edges. This fingered edges has the appearance of deer antler, with dark green and light green gradations that are beautifully patterned. This species is distinguished by the presence of black fibers on the surface of the leaves, as well as hairs on the leaf surface.

Alocasia Polly


Alocasia polly, also known as alocasia amazonica, is a plant native to eastern Australia's subtropics. Alocasia sanderiana longiloba hybrid that is native to East Asia. This large, veinless foliage has a distinctive green arrow shape. With proper care, grows indoors or outdoors.

Alocasia Frydek


Alocasia frydek is a difficult to obtain alocasia. Alocasia green velvet, also known as alocasia green velvet, is a popular plant from the Philippines. When exposed to light, the dark green leaves of this plant shine. The leaf pattern will be bright white and appear to divide in half. Each petiole will attach to the main stem, which is shaped like a midrib.

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