7 Difficult-to-kill Outdoor Plants

7 Difficult-to-kill Outdoor Plants

Homiful.com -- There is a distinction between selecting ornamental plants for indoors and outdoor use. If plants that can grow well in low light are required for the interior of the house, heat-resistant and all-weather plants are required for the home page. You can select the type of plant you want from this list of outdoor plants that are difficult to kill.

Reed Grass


This gardener's favorite ornamental grass is accustomed to dealing with a variety of pests and weather conditions. This plant's deep reed blunt roots allow it to thrive in both wet and dry soils. It grows well in dry conditions and does not require fertilizer.



The plants used as a complement to this landscaping are mostly in gold colors and are always in bloom. This plant thrive in full sun and comes in a variety of dark colors. Watering is required once  week during the dry season. 

Bee Balm


This drought-tolerant plant is suitable for use in a wet garden. This 3-foot-tall clump is lovely in blue and pink, and it attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. This hardy, spreading plant is mildew resistan.

Butterfly Bush


The butterfly bush is a plant that gardeneers frequently use to complement this home landscaping. Has a plentiful supply of nectar that attracts butterflies. This plant thrives in the sun and is pruned in early spring to promote healthy growth.



These plants, which thrive in shade or dry conditions, can slow the blooming of ground cover. In the spring, silver variegated leaves appear. Can spread quickly and attractively for container ledges on the windowsill.



This hibiscus flower is a perennial annual herbaceous plant with beautiful trumpet flowers. It grows in tropical areas and is frequently used as a complement to landscaping fences. It thrives in full or partial sun and moist soil. With over 200 varieties, this flower can grow as tall as a tree.



This beautiful gray-green foliage outdoor plant is more than just a play cat herb. With nectar-rich purple flowers that bloom all summer. With the habit of prostration, this plant can grow to be about 2 meters tall.


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