The Top 7 Hanging Trailing Houseplants for Window Boxes and Baskets

The Top 7 Hanging Trailing Houseplants for Window Boxes and Baskets -- Ornamental plants with trailing leaves can add a graceful appearance to home's balconies and patios. When hung in baskets or other containers, trailing plants give any space an eye-catching appearance. This will make the workspace or home appear happier and more attractive 7 plants listed below, one of which you can select as a favorite:


String of turtle - Peperomia Prostate


This fleshy, slow-growing succulent that resembles a vine and has tortoise-patterned leaves that are gathered into button-like clusters is attractive for hanging containers on windowsills. Cutting or water propagation can be used to spread this dense, water-filled foliage.



An amazing variety of trailing plant is the wandering jew. You can never go wrong with a hanging container trailing plant that has lovely purple foliage. The tradescantia zebrina, nanouk and fluminensis varieties are some of the best.

Peperomia hope


Peperomia hope is very attractive tropical plant that looks great in hanging containers or on a windowsill. A tropical plant with easy-to-care-for oval leaves, new, long stems, and growth along the pot's edges. Both parents share the coin leaf shape and the trailing arrangement.

Cissus Amazonica


This native Brazilian plant can grow quickly and has small silver leaves that are highlighted by vivid veins. The practice of developing coils that climb poles and wrap around them. These look especially lovely when grown in hanging baskets, where the leaves spill over the pot's edges.



This lovely plant, with its heart-shaped leaves, is one that easily acclimates to its surroundings. This leaf can grow indoors or outdoors on vines that reach a height of about 10 - 15 cm.

Hoya rubra


Hoya is well-liked by those who enjoy ornamental plants because of its attractive green trailing plant and highly fragrant waxy flowers. Loves light and grows clusters of flower with a star shape. This variety has foliage that is variegated including dark green with white and other pink hues.



Beautiful annual plant called a marble queen that resembles a philodendron. Grows as a compact plant up to 50 feet. When they come into contact with the soil, the heart-shaped leaf stem that are left behind will begin to take root. The leaves are smaller than usual in this shade of dark green with variations in cream and yellow. 

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