7 Plant Decor Ideas For Your Porch

Homiful.com -- Houseplants thrive in environments with high humidity and indirect lighting. That's way, plants seem to enjoy their time on the porch. It's not a bad idea to use plants as beautiful porch decorations. You can dress your plants in a variety of ways for a better porch. Here are 7 plants decor ideas for your porch.

Dumb cane plants in the porch


The porch could be your favorite coffee corner. Decorate the porch to look like a garden corner with a green, grass-style carpet and a few plants. It's good for making dumb cane plants as plant divider there. Place it in the plant holder and let the dumb cane plant grow in a shady porch with bright, filtered light during the day.

Snake plant in the corner of the porch


The little porch is even more special with a painted green and blue accent wall. You only need a simple bench to take beautiful photos accents there. Liven up the porch scene with some plants. Snake plants with upright and stiff leaves make a bold statement on the porch.

Vernonia elliptica to shade the porch


Vernonia elliptica is often referred to as a ''curtain creeper''. These vines can be used as a screen or as a natural screen that protects building from exposure to sunlight.  The porch is kept cool by using the Vernonia elliptica plant as a porch decoration.

Devil's ivy on the porch relaxing


Go to the simple way! You can style up your porch with pothos or devil's ivy plant. The plants will add a splash of fresh green to the porch. This plant is also believed to reduce stress. Keep it away from your pets because it can harm them.

Hang some plants on the porch


Hanging some plants on the porch is a great way to get a shaded porch. Plants also don't look messy on the floor. You can choose a Boston fern plant that likes moist porches and is great for hanging.

Fill it with greenery


Plants are life. They will give us happiness. Porch with more plants in the corners will be the best welcoming place after you come home from work. Fill the porch with potted plants and display them elegantly in plant holders.

Flowers on the porch


Your porch may need a touch of flowers. Blooming flowers will enliven the atmosphere of the porch. Choose flower plants that are easy for you to care for, such as Bougainvillea flowers that grow and bloom well on the porch.

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