7 Plants for Living Privacy Screens with A Lush Green Look

 Homiful.com - Maintain your privacy even in the outdoor area. You can build fences or hedges for privacy screens. 

But you can use great alternatives for the natural screen, like utilizing plants or shrubs, or vines. Look at these 7 Plants for Living Privacy Screens with A Lush Green Look. Check it out!

Climbing rose


Rose is a beautiful flower that also can symbolize love or passion. You can grow them with a climbing concept for screen privacy. Rose provides lots of color, fragrance, and beauty. And it can make an alive and ideal choice for your fence or hedges.

Chinese star jasmine


Star jasmine is a plant that has fast-growing and it's an ideal choice for fences and hedges at your home. They have highly decorative with coveted fragrant blossoms. Usually grown as a vine that can cover a tall wall or trellis quickly once the plant's root system gets established.

Red tip photinia


Red tip photinia is a beautiful evergreen that has glossy leaves. You can use them to grow as a fence and provides dense coverage. Prune them regularly to help the plants grow healthy and flourishing.



Grow as a low-maintenance plant, Bougainvillea shows off its beautiful flowers. And it makes pretty for your ugly or monotonous fences at home. It can be trained easily and grow fast. For more information, if you live in a cold climate, you can't grow this plant.

Lynwood gold forsythia


Have yellow flowers, Lynwood gold forsythia is a gorgeous plant. Use this plant for a privacy screen or fence in your home area.

Privet hedge


The privet plant is a fast-growing shrub that can grow to reach 2-3 feet each year. You can use this shrub as a hedge and give a privacy screen around the home area. 

They also have features a thick cover of sweet-scented flowers when spring comes. Get pruned regularly to keep the shape of the Privet.

Chocolate vine


Including a fast-growing plant, the Chocolate vine has a thick screen of green foliage that perfect for fences or trellis. They will offer scented purple flowers in early summer. Get pruning in regularly, as it spreads quickly.

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