7 Houseplants That Can Grow Well On Top Of Your Refrigerator

Homiful.com -- The top of your refrigerator looks better with plants that it does bare and untouched. However the question is whether such plants suitable for it. Normally, the refrigerator's top generates heat and warm air. Choosing the wrong plants will make them being unhappy, wilted, and die. 

We've rounded 7 houseplants that can grow well on top of your refrigerator. These plants live well in warmer conditions to drought-tolerant.

1. Radiator Plant


When talking about plants near appliances, you can't miss radiator plants, or Peperomia. Peperomia prefers warms drafts, so a spot near radiator will be perfect for their home. That's why, this radiator plant also good for the top of your refrigerator.

Let the soil dry completely before the next watering. It's great for keeping your fridge safe from splashes of water from potted plants.

2. Bromeliads


Bromeliads are one of the best hardy plants. This plant withstand changes in temperature, humidity, and light levels. Some bromeliads can even survive in hot sulfur mountains. 

Bromeliads come in wide range of beautiful colors and shapes. They will add a touch of pop color on top of your fridge and won't just die easily.

3. Aloe vera


Most refrigerators emit a small amount of radiation. You can minimize the risk of radiation exposure from it by placing the powerful aloe vera plant. Aloe vera plant grow well on the of the refrigerator. They can also absorb high levels of radiation around you.

4. Snake plants


If you're looking for low-maintenance plants, place snake plats on top of the refrigerator. Snake plants or sansevieria don't really like watering. They prefer warm weather and do well in a slightly warm refrigerator. It is also a plant that survive bright light, making it perfect for a refrigerator that's not near a window.

5. Nerve plant


The top of your refrigerator may need a cute touch-up. It's good idea to put a nerve plant of Fittonia plant there. Choose cute pots to make them look so stylishly adorable. This plant is a little fussy, so you have to mist them daily to keep them from wilting on top of the fridge.

6. Spider Plants


Spider plants are plants that grow well in all home conditions. This plant also survives on the top of your refrigerator. Slim, long leaves with creamy colors and green striped will brighten up the look of your refrigerator. Spider plants can also grow healthy roots with water propagation.

7. Cactus


Cacti are versatile plants. This thorny plant grow well in spots with warm drafts. This plant effectively filters out EMF radiations indoors, including that emitted by the refrigerator. Choose a tiny cactus that looks nice and isn't too heavy for the top of your refrigerator.

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