8 Indoor Vines that Grow In Water

Homiful.com -- Bring beautiful vines to create a natural atmosphere. Growing plants can help to cool the atmosphere of a room.
There are many vines that are easy to grow indoors without the use of soil, but rather in water.
Vine can be grown in glasses beautiful vases.
Here are 8 indoor vines that grow in water that we have compiled especially for you!

1. English ivy


English ivy is a vine with a beautiful leaf shape. Suitable for use as a room decoration. They are easy to grow and easy to propagate.
Including thriving in the water.

2. Golden pothos


If you are looking for the best indoor vines, Golden pothos should be at the top of the list. Golden pothos are low-maintenance, and thrive in water. They are plants that can purify the air the room well.

3. Heart of string


As the name implies, the heart of string has a beautiful heart-like shape. The vines plant grows well in a glass of water. The best place for healthy growth is neat the window.

4. Monstera Adansonii


Monstera is one of those indoor plants that are difficult to kill. They can grow well in water. Monstera adansonii has a unique leaf shape with beautiful holes.
Suitable for use as a decoration of the living room table.

5. Philodendron heart leaf


Some people find it difficult to distinguish between philodendron and pothos plants. Because both have similar leaf shapes.
Philodendron is a vine with a beautiful and fresh look.

6. Tradescantia Zebrina


Tradescatia zebrina has exotic leaves with a touch of charming dark purple color. They are hanging plants that can liven up the atmosphere of your home.
These vines have low maintenance, suitable for novice gardeners.

7. Cebu blue pothos


This plant with blue leaves can make the room look more beautiful and stunning. Cebu blue pothos is a plant that does not require special care.
You can even grow on an interesting small glass vase.

8. Chinese Money Plant


These vines are believed to bring good luck. You can grow a Chinese money plant anywhere. Including in the water. Put the plant on an eye-catching spherical vase as decoration.

Those are the 8 indoor vines that grow in water. Hope the information above is useful.

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