Six Plant Curtain Ideas to Make A Shady Room -- Using plants as curtains will make your room look fresher and cooler. Many people are starting to follow this trend and make their window the best spot to upload on social media. Some plant curtain ideas that you will love, check out Six Plant Curtain Ideas to Make A Shady Room.

String plants


String of hearts, string of pearls, string of bananas, and several other varieties of string plants are the best choices for enhancing the appearance of your window. This plant, in addition to having a lovely appearance, prefers bright lighting and is therefore suitable for window areas.

Use macrame for hanging plants


Using macrame for hanging plants is an interesting idea for a distinctly bohemian look. Use a color that you like for a fun look in the window area. You can adjust the height of each of these hanging plants.

Vines on the window


Choose plants that thrive in bright light in the window area for this stationary window. Choose a south-facing window with warm sunlight for a safer environment. You can use vines on your window frames in addition to hanging plants as curtains.

Add plant on shelf


If hanging plants alone aren't enough to create a shady environment, pair them with plants that can be arranged on shelves. Choose fast-growing plants so you don't have to wait long for the plants to fill the window area and become curtains.

Add curtain to filter light


Although they prefer bright light, some plants are sensitive to direct sunlight. To overcome this, a light curtain can be used to filter the incoming light. This plant, along with the light curtain you've installed, will be in charge of maximizing the shade in the room.

English Ivy plant


This curtain plant trend is popular and is used in modern minimalist home design concepts. Aside from simple house plants, English ivy can be used for maximum shade because it grows thickly. You will appreciate this room with plants that can provide privacy. Remember to trim them when they become too long.




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