Interior Design Ideas With Lots of Decorations and Lovely Houseplants

Interior Design Ideas With Lots of Decorations and Lovely Houseplants -- Using ornamental plants, you can give your interior decoration a new look that is full of green. The interior with a touch of ornamental plants will improve the appearance of the space to many things that can create a feeling of calm, fresh air, and a calmer mind. Other than furniture accents, some interior design experts recommended placing ornamental in the room as the best option.


A book-filled corner of the room with ornamental plants


Pay special attention to placing ornamental plants in each room first. Even if it's near the window of the corner room. To increase the aesthetic impression around the room, choose a medium-sized cabinet  model that can store a lot of equipment, such as books and used bottle.

Natural green tones on round shelves


Choose functional furniture to give the room a tropical feel. This plant rack model can be enhanced will multilevel shelves for all types of selected plants. Place them in open areas and pair them with trailing plants.

Plants and boho style in the bedroom


Plants can transform the look of any room while adding a cool touch. The use of decorative plants in this boho style bedroom can provide natural and even freshness. Balance the look with matching furniture, such as terracotta warrants and rattan planters.

Elegant monochrome design


The interior of your room can be made more elegant and perfect by using ornamental plants. This monochrome theme interior is appropriate for small spaces while still displaying an appealing design. make an open cabinet model with plenty of space, and use planters with only green leafy plants.

A work environment as lush as a forest


Having a work at home that appears empty and unadorned will make the owner hesitant to work from home. Overcome by constructing a cool home forest full of plants and an attractive arrangement. Choose wooden furniture to improve the appearance and provide a calming effect while working. 

Corner shelf with kokedama

The planting model that this kokedama brings into the room will create a tropical forest feel. To the concept of hanging plants trailing plants, provide special plot for ferns. This is ideal for those who prefer natural and simple tropical nuances.

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