How the Christmas Cactus Blooms Around the Christmas

How the Christmas Cactus Blooms Around the Christmas -- Christmas cactus is an ornamental plant that grows naturally on trees or rocks. This plant prefers high humidity and is the most popular because it can be given e beautiful Christmas gift. Of course, making a Christmas cactus bloom at Christmas requires a special aethod and cannot bloom directly at that time. Continue reading for some tips on how to get your Christmas cactus to bloom during the holiday season.

Recognise the common errors that cause Christmas cacti to bloom


- Excessive watering during the bloomin season
- Excessively dry soil after shoots appear
- Excessive fertilizer application after the appearance of flower buds
- After the buds appear, place the Christmas in direct sunlight
- Bloom pruning 
- Excessive repotting of Christmas cactus

How to make a christmas cactus bloom during the holidays

Optimal lighting and temperature


Learn how to make a christmas cactus bloom during the holiday season. The most important factors in making it bloom are light and temperature. Stroe at 15 - 16 degrees Celsius until flower buds appear. The cactus requires 14 - 16 hours of darkness and 8 - 9 hours of indirect sunlight at this time.

Do this for at least 4 - 6 weeks, or until the first buds appear. Do this in early September to get cactus bloom for Christmas. This will continue until early November.

Hardly any watering


Watering is essential for Christmas cactus blooming. Allowing the soil to soak in water can cause the roots to rot. Water only when the soil is dry so that it can enter a dormant state, which will encourage the growth of blooming flowers, If it has bloomed, water it frequently to keep it blooming. 



This plant, native to the Brazilian rainforest, thrives in naturally shady environments. The Christmas cactus bloom can be affected by humidity levels ranging from 50 to 60%. Spray the cactus with water to keep it at an ideal humidity level.

Don't move around much


Moving a Christmas cactus too frequently to different locations can cause temperature and light conditions to change. This is one of the reasons why the Christmas cactus does not bloom during the holiday season. You can avoid moving to sunny areas, walls, and temperatures outside. Place in a warm, sunny location and water regularly.

Repotting and pruning


Prune for a month or two in the spring. This is the most effective way to grow new leaves and should be  done in the spring to late spring. And the hassle of having to wait three years for it to sprout new shoots. This method also aids the Christmas cactus in adjusting to new conditions prior to flowering.



Fertilization should be done on a regular basis, usually from March to October or until November. Fertilization is an excellent way to strengthen the roots thoroughly. Fertilize Christmas cactus after the buds appear and before they bloom.

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