7 Kitchen Room Decorating Ideas with Plants

Homiful.com -- For some people, especially home cooks, the kitchen is the the heart of the home. The best place to create a hearty dishes for loved ones. The kitchen, as an important space, deserves the best decorating treatment. One one of them is using plants to decorate.

Plants will add color and visual interest to the room. You should know some kitchen styling with plants so that your plants don't burn in the kitchen. Learn more about 7 kitchen room decoration ideas with plants.

1. Choose a spot with bright, indirect light


Find out what kind of light your indoor plant prefer before putting them in the kitchen. Plants with green leaves prefer areas with bright, indirect light. Great idea for setting up plants on the countertop area near the window. Make sure it's not a productive countertop for food preparation, so that plants don't get in the way of your cooking.

2. Liven up vertical spaces with plants


Not all of your walls are used for cabinets, right? You can liven up a corner coffee in the kitchen by adding plants. Install floating shelves for decoration only. Places vines, such as English ivy, monstera, or begonia plants. Bring fresh-cut flowers in a vase to decorate the table.

3. Let the vines grow beautifully


Some vine are still thriving in the water-based method. They can grow beautiful vines, even touching the kitchen ceiling. Let it grow thick and be the center of freshness in the kitchen. Trim the growth occasionally if you feel it's too thick and distracting.

4. Get it off the stove!


Be wary of inspirational images that place plants too close to the stove. That could work, but only for photo props. The stove-heat may kill the plants. It's better to place the plant in a non-heated area. Instead of placing it near the stove, use a floating shelf to decorate it with plants.

5. Window sills are the best place


Don't put your plants where you prepare food or in frequently used storage cabinets. Plants can troubling. Worse, if you're not careful, potted plants can topple over. It's better to place the plant on a windowsill that's not frequently used. This will keep the plants safe and happy in the sun.

6. Create a herb garden


There are times when fresh herbs are required to enhance your cooking. Make a mini herb garden on the kitchen wall. Attach tiny terracotta planters on the marble backsplash. Plant some of your favorite easy-to-pick herbs.

7. Vines for decorating kitchen windows


You don't have to fill the kitchen with plants. Simply place one or two plants to create a fresh atmosphere in the kitchen. Place it in the best possible location. You can train vines to grow around the window sills. It will improve the look of the kitchen.

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