Our Favorite Pink Plants for Any Home

Homiful.com -- Plants with color splashes other than green are truly unique. They easily attract anyone attention who comes across them. One of the best things about the plants are those with a splash of pink. Pink plants will beautifully brighten up any corner. 

Add our favorite pink plants, which we'll talk about. Find one at your local nursery and get ready for more vibrant pink plant collection. Here are our favorite pink plants for any home.

1. Coleus watermelon


We were blown away by this coleus watermelon. We are sure you will, too. With deep pink leaves and bright green serrated edges, this coleus plant is stunning. It look like fresh watermelons in summer. Coleus watermelon prefers moist soil. It's also great for sunny or shady landscapes. 

2. Philodendron Pink Princess


As the name suggest, this pink princess philodendron deserves to be treated like a princess. The deep green foliage with pink splashes and even the whole pink color make this plant a lovely houseplant to get. The Variagated leaves will form well in bright, indirect light. This philo pink princess love moisture, but don't mist the leaves too often. 

3. Caladium Pink Symphony


Caladium Pink Symphony will round out your beautiful ''symphony'' of pink collection. The paper-thin leaves are so stunning, with a deep green sides, a bright pink core, and notable leaf veins. The heart-shaped foliage loves high humidity and heat. You can grow it in a bright and away from direct sunlight. 

4. Callisia Pink Lady


For a unique planter, sometimes you just need a small plant to fill it. Opt for the pink lady (Callisia repens). It is a perennial succulent and low-growing plant. The thick leaves with are so adorable  with a silvery green surface with hint of pink on the back. Keep it away from direct sunlight and drought to keep this lady happy.


5. Pink Lady Peperomia


Peperomia is known as a radiator plant. They like warm drafts in spots near radiators or vents. This plant is evergreen with a mix of pinks, creams, and greens. As they grow older, they will get more pink. This plant will flower in the summer. Let the soil dry before watering. 

6. Triostar Stromanthe


It is a tropical plant. The plant has lanceolate leaves with uniquely patterned leaves. The leaves are beautiful with white, pink, and green variegation. Its pink color makes this plant more special than other tropical plants.  This plant grows best in warm, well-lit indirect light. 

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