7 Impressive Purple House Plants

Homiful.com -- Green plants are common. You must already have tons of green leafy plants. However, what about plants with purple leaves or flowers? Do you have one at home? Purple plants are one the special things about this nature beauty. The naturally purple plants bring aesthetic appeal wherever you plant them. 

Here are 7 impressive purple house plants to help you find your best purple plant.

Tradescantia Zebrina


Tradescantia zebrina is known as Wandering Jew. It belongs to the Tradescantia genus of vines. This plant has gorgeously colored leaves. Slightly silvery green with a purple tinge that makes the plant stands out among the other plant.

You can grow tradescantia zebrina either insider or outside. They will grow as lush as lovely in your home with medium to bright, indirect light. Prune in it spring and summer for a healthy and happy purple tradescantia zebrina. 

Rex Begonia


Begonia are gradually regaining popularity as indoor plants. It has its own fans due to the many variants of unique leaf shapes, colors, and patterns. Consider owning a rex begonia among the various begonia varieties. The Rex begonia has unusual mauve foliage that deepens towards the edges. Keep it out of direct sunlight to prevent scorching the leaves.




Need more color into your home or garden? Consider having a cordyline. This plant has nice pink-purple color leaves that add a splash of vibrant color to your home. This plant thrives in warm climates and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Cordyline can live more than 20 years within good growing conditions. 



The coleus plant, like Begonia, has many fans due to its colorful and distinctively patterned leaves. One of the best coleus is China Rose coleus. This plant has foliage in a bright purple color. The leaves can grow this lushly (pictured) and ready to be as an attention stealer wherever you place them. 

Ornamental cabbage


Why not try it with cabbage? Not just any cabbage, but ornamental purple cabbage. It's a versatile and easy to grow cabbage. They need full sun to partial shade in hotter climates. When it's ready to bloom, the ornamental cabbage will give you a stunning foliage and stem that will purple up your garden. 

Gynura aurantiaca


Gynura aurantiaca, also known as purple passion or velvet plant. The deep purple leaves are so eye-catching. It has velvety leaves that add to its uniqueness. Opt for this velvet plant to make your corner space more dark and exotic. The plant prefers bright indirect light and does not tolerate direct sunlight.   

Purple flowers: Petunias and Verbena


It's not just your home that needs a beautiful purple touch, but so does your outdoor space. It's a great idea to plant annuals like purple petunias and verbena in your garden. These lovely plants will brighten and purple up the garden. 

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