Growing Moses in the Cradle Plant Requirements

Growing Moses in the Cradle Plant Requirements -- Musa in cradle plant grows quickly and provides a year-round display. The white flowers of this plant, also known as tradescantia, grow gently in the center. The simplest houseplants to cultivate for indoor garden collections. You can spread the following three fantastis and alluring colors:

Two approaches to spreading Moses in the cradle

1. By means of division


This plant can be propagated by removing it from the pot with a clean knife and removing the soil from the attached root ball. When finished, separate each part of the plant and replant it in a drainage-friendly potting mix.

2. Stem trimmings


Stem cuttings are another simple way to grow musa in cradle. Remove the leaves from the bottom of the stems and replant them into the potting mix. Make sure to provide both direct and indirect lighting. You can also propagate by water. Which takes about 4 - 6 weeks to grow roots.

Musa cultivation requirements in the Cradle Factory



This hardy and tolerant plant can be kept in direct or indirect sunlight. However, bright indirect  sunlight is the preferred location. Make sure to provide light in the morning or evening to get the best color.



Despite the fact that it is not fussy about growing media, you can use soil rich in organic matter or a mixture of ornamental plant soil commonly used for other indoor plants.



Watering when the soil is dry is an important part of caring for all plants. Overwatering will cause the roots to rot and die, so avoid watering while the soil is still moist.

Humidity and temperature


Thrives in temperatures ranging from 10 35 degrees Celsius, and works well in lower temperatures but dislikes temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. Keep this plant moist, you can place it in a room when the terrace is humid at home, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Use humidifier if necessary, or place visible pebbles filled with water at the bottom of the container.

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