Watering Guides for These Popular Plants

Homiful.com -- Watering is the easiest form of plant care to do. It's even a fun thing to do that gives a soothing feeling. It feels like feeding a beloved child. Of course, while it's fun, you have to know the proper watering instruction to keep your plants happy. Overwatering or underwatering might cause them problems or disease. 

Find out the proper watering instruction for popular plants that you may have at home. Here is watering guides for these popular plants.

How to water peace lily? 


The peace lily is a well-known plant. Almost every plant lover has one at home. It's not really a drama queen plant. However, overwatering will cause them to wither, as does underwatering, which leads to discoloration. 

Peace lily give a sign they need water. The leaves will droop. You can do a finger test: when the top soil is dry, water this plant until water flows from the bottom of the container. 

Water this plant once a week or every 5-10 days. 

How to water African violet? 


African violet is a showy indoor plant with stunning leaf and flowers. It is a flowering indoor plant that's easy to care for. Just be careful overwatering might kill this lovely plant. The fine roots hate a soggy wet soil. 

Keep the soil moist to dry. You can do bottom up watering. Put the potted African violet in a shallow tray of water. Allow the soil to absorb water for 30 minutes through the container's drainage holes. Refill the water once every 5-10 days. 

How to water rubber plant? 


Rubber plants are drought-resistant plant. However, leaving the soil dry for too long will cause the leaves to wither and fall off. Give adequate water needs every 1-2 weeks. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. You can water the plant from the top and let the water to drain from the drainage hole. 

How to water spider plants? 


A spider plant with good watering will grow this lush. These plants will even produce flowers and spiderettes (spider plant's baby). Resist the urge to water it while the soil is still moist. If the soil is dry, water the plant wholeheartedly. Normally, spider plants can be watered every once in a week. 

How to water snake plants (sansevieria)? 


Snake plants are also drought tolerant plants. But that doesn't mean they enjoy being thirsty for a long time. This can gradually turn them off. Water them infrequently. Allow the soil to completely dry after watering. You should water this plant every 10-15 days. 

How to water succulents? 


Succulents are the best plants for those who enjoy cute tiny mini plants. Succulents are another plant that requires little maintenance. The best way to water succulents is to 'soak & dry'. Soak the potting soil in a water tray and allow the soil to dry completely. Repeat it every 10-15 days, 

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