Six Plants You Can Grow and Propagate in Water -- Plant lovers will undoubtedly appreciate having many plants. However, purchasing new plants will undoubtedly cost you money. You can now easily propagate your plants with water. You can not only propagate it, but also grow it fresh in water. Six Plants You Can Grow and Propagate in Water is a list of plants that can be propagated in water.

Spider plant


This spider plant is a popular choice among gardeners because it requires little care. Plantlets that sprout from the main spider plant can be placed in water to grow roots, and once the roots are strong enough, they can be planted in pots. If you want to grow it in water, fill it with nutrients using a hydroponic solution.





Succulents can be found not only in various rooms as ornamental plants, but also on social media due to their beauty. Some succulents, such as jades, sempervivum, and echeveria, cannot be propagated in water. Cut the stems of the succulent you want to propagate, then allow them to dry before soaking them in a glass or jar of water.



As coleus became more popular and sought after as a beautiful ornamental plant, its price began to rise. However, you do not need to be concerned about having more. Make a six-inch cut and clean the base of the leaves to allow the roots to grow more fully. For better growth, mix compost into the water.



 Tradescantia is a fast growing plant that can thrive in a variety of environments. This is a good choice if you like bushy houseplants. They propagate more easily in water. Clean the tradescantia leaves on the underside with clean, sharp scissors, as leaves submerged in water will rot and damage your propagation.




One of the unique and beautiful decorations will be plants in a jar filled with water. Monstera can be planted in water as a collection. Prepare the monstera cuttings obtained from healthy plants. Clean the monstera pieces and place them in a bottle of water. Provide enough light so that the leaves do not wither.




This philodendron, which is classified as a non-fussy plant, can be grown in soil or in a water-filled jar. Clean the tips of the leaves that are still attached to fresh philodendron cuttings. Prepare clean, non-chlorine water for optimal water planting.




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