Seven of the Best Foliage Plants that Will Look Great In Any Room

Seven of the Best Foliage Plants that Will Look Great In Any Room -- Plants can bring peace and comfort into out lives and homes. In addition to bringing peaves and freshness, choosing ornamental plants as room decorations will bring peace. Consider choosing indoor plants with large leaves that will be amazing if they are clearly visible in the light. Here are even of the most beautiful leafy plants that will make any room stand out.

Scindapsus Exotica


This popular ornamental plant with heart-shaped leaves has a distinctive pattern. If the leaves are flat and have pinnate strands, the surface texture of the leaves will be soft. This plant has a green and grayish-white color scheme. Looks very fresh and can withstand certain treatments.

Rex begonia


You can select one of the hundreds of cultivars of tropical foliage ornamental plants that are available in a variety of forms. Colors such as red, silver, white, pink, purple, and green will stand out in bright light indoors. Keep the plant moist and avoid placing it in direct sunlight. 

Colocasia Nancy's Revenge


This type of colocasia has a bright part in the middle of the leaf along the leaf veins and has a dark green color. This plant's lovely leaves are large and heart-shaped, giving the room tropical feel. Waterlogged to clay resistant tolerance with moist soil.

Caladium Redstar


This taro tribe's ornamental plants, such as colocasia, frequently become beautiful ornamental plants. Grows in the Brazilian forest and spreads all over the world, with heart-shaped leaves that are medium in size and have a waxy coating. This red star variety is very attractive as a foliage plant and as an addition to your garden collection. The green leaf color was mixed with pink and silver to form spots and the leaf surface.

Alocasia Jacklyn


The jacklyn allocation is a very appealing type of alocasia with almost philodendron-like leaves. The leaves with green fibbers and very attractive dark green gradations ont he plant are stunning. The fine hairs on the surface of the leaves can be felt when touched.

Colocasia Maui Gold


This plant, which has large and beautiful leaves, is part of the elephant ear type, also known as gold leaf colocasia, and grows in the form of a dense clump. Plant with large dark yellow stalks that are connected. This plant foes dormant in the winter and can grow to be up to 48 inches tall in partial sun.

Caladium Thai


The taro plant, which comes in many varieties, is the next type. This ornamental plant has lovely pink leaves with a hint of green on the leaf margins, a white pattern, and red spots. Caladium that beauty is the most popular and in high demand among ornamental plant enthusiasts. 


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