7 Bathroom Plants to Combat Odors

7 Bathroom Plants to Combat Odors

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants in the bathroom can provide a sense of calm and add new charm to the space. Plants can also help to set the tone for the morning and get you ready for work. Furthemore, choosing plants can release oxygen into the room as well as filter dirty air and foul odors. Some of the advantages can be seen in other reviews. Some of these plants are listed in the following brief article.

Air plant


Air plants are another option for bathroom plants. It is ideal for bathroom because it can absorb moisture from showers and baths as well as water and nutrients from the air under varying conditions. This plant is extremely resistant to sunlight, watering, and high humidity.



Pothos are low-maintenance plants that include plants that are difficult to kill. This lovely plant that grows dangling and is very light tolerant can help to eliminate unpleasant odors in the bathroom. Your and lush with this plant, and it will feel more refreshing.

Spider plant


The spider plant is the best option for the home bathroom. It would look lovely in the corner of the room with a hanging basket. To combat unpleasant odors in the bathroom, this plant can increase humidity and release oxygen into the air. 



Palm plants are one type of plant that can give a room a more tropical and refreshing appearance. It also functions as a pollutant absorbent plant, so it can eliminate unpleasant odors and is a natural cleaner for the bathroom.

Aloe vera


Aloe vera is an ornamental plant that is useful for increasing humidity in a room and reducing skin burns. This plant can be kept in the bathroom near the windowsill and is very tolerant of direct  sunlight and lack of watering.



The fiddle fig is the next tree plant that is suitable for the bathroom at home. This ficus is quite tolerant of low light and can be grown outside. You can keep it dry in the bathtub area as shown.



Ferns are attractive plants for the following bathrooms. Can evenly increase the tropical atmosphere in the room, fresh atmosphere, and humidity in the room. This plant prefers frequent watering when the soil is dry so that it can thrive and grow.

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