Ideas for 7 Aesthetically Pleasing Indoor Plants for Water Gardens

Ideas for 7 Aesthetically Pleasing Indoor Plants for Water Gardens -- Indoor plants can be planted in a variety of media, including water media, which is easy to maintain and can be a beautiful water garden idea to improve the house's aesthetics. You can make this idea with a jar, glass bottle, glass bowl, or other suitable container. Check out this list of 7 beautiful water plants for a soothing visual addition. 

A glass bowl of peace lily


Because of its beauty, this natural air purifier plant should not be overlooked. To grow in water, use a large, transparent glass bowl like this one. Require partial light to promote plant growth after repotting, allow the roots to grow. 

Glass philodendron jar


The plant of choice is one that is easy to grow indoors, even in water media. Place the philodendron in a jar of water for easy indoor growth to begin a new project. Place it around the room's table, near a south window for partial sun, and move it when the roots haven grown significantly.

Planting of palms and syngoniums


Planting of palms and syngonium can be combined in long glass jars like this one to form a new set of roots. Place it around the window sill to catch the light, and add a glass tray to make it more visually appealing. 

Hydroponic gardening

This is a very careful idea that is rarely used for ornamental plants. Despite the fact that the hydroponic method is relatively simple if you follow the instructions step by step. You can use liquid fertilizer with this planting to help the plant roots absorb nutrients form the water.

In a glass bottle, a spider plant


Spider plants grow very easily in this type of water. This new plant propagation will result in plants that are resistant to repotting. You can put it in a glass bottle and place it in a location with adequate sunlight but not directly in the sun. 

Water park and lucky bamboo


This is an intriguing idea for a new experiment, planting lucky bamboo in water. In a large enough glass jar, adding a water garden such as kaeril, moss plants, and even small fish can help plants grow roots and leaves. You can also experiment with artificial lighting on this plant.



The tradescantia is a plant that grows well with creeping and can be very hardy even without watering. A simple and classic plant with a dominant purple leaf and an eye-catching contrast for a room table. You can get this plant from a neighbor and propagate it in water first because it is a relatively simple way to grow new roots.

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