7 Ways to Use Ground Cover Plants

Homiful.com --  Your garden should have at least some ground cover plants, especially for the exposed soil, which looks odd if it isn't covered with something. Ground cover will be the perfect complement to your garden. Even at the same time, the ground cover plant can also easily draw the attention of anyone in the garden. Make the most of ground cover plants with these 7 ways to use ground cover plants.

1. Heart-shaped ground cover


Coleus can be a ground cover plant. They can grow in clusters like bushes. Opt for red-headed coleus for an eye-catching ground cover look. You can even shape the coleus growth to form a heart shape like these for stunning and adorable landscaping.

2. Plant by the side of the path!


Purple Hearts, or Tradescantia pallida, is a hearty ground cover plant. This forgiving, low-maintenance plant is extremely simple to grow. Purple hearts prefer full sun to produce deeper purple foliage. This plant could be a low plant to dress the dwarf fir on the walkway's side. 

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3. Dwarf oyster plant for the border ground

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Ground cover plants do not need to be small. You can use a ground cover plant from Tradescantia Spathacea, or a dwarf oyster plant. This is a popular groundcover with green front foliage and purple back foliage. They can grow in either full sun or partial shade. It can be used as a plant border like this. 

4. Hosta for big ground cover plant

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Make a big statement in the ground! Cover the ground with Hosta plant to get a such stunning garden. Hosta is great for outdoor with full shade. This plant is also shade-tolerant. The lush green leaves make a best ground cover. Hosta will make your garden more lively and green.  

5. Mondo grass t prevent weeds

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Instead of weeds taking over the garden, plant Mondo grass as ground cover in your yard. You may know this plant as monkey grass or dwarf lilyturf. This plant is almost like a spider plant, with green lanceolate leaves with white edges. They prefer moist soil with full to partial shade exposure.  

6. Elegant white under the tree


Plant white candytuft beneath the Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry tree. Candytuft will be the ground cover that adds an extra layer of elegance to the tree. Candytuft blooms best in the sun and produce lovely white flowers.  

7. Dichondra between pavers


Dichondra is also called as Lawn-leaf. This small flowering plant is commonly grown as grass substitute to fill the gaps between pavers. Dichondra adds visual appeal to the hardscape by softening and refreshing it.  

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