7 Instagram Ideas for Indoor Caladiums

7 Instagram Ideas for Indoor Caladiums

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants  with beautiful leaves and an appealing appearance can create the illusion of a more appealing space. Furthemore, the presence of ornamental plants can be a form of shelf-appreciation to give  the room a tropical vibe to keep growing anywhere. One of them is with caladium, which you can use as inspiration to make new decorations for your room, as seen on Instagram;


In the middle of the jungle, caladium white fusion


Decorate your jungle garden at home with beautiful at home with beautiful ornamental plants. Caladium white fusion with white can be sued in the middle of a green forest equipped with planters, pots, plant racks, and regular planters.

On plant stand shelves, the caladium family


For a more pleasing spatial arrangement, groups similar plant species together. Caladium, which stand out with beautiful foliage and is suitable for any area, can be used to beautify. Set it on a plant stand with a low or high shape made of luxurious gold-coated wood.

By the window, caladium


Use the space near the window to display your favorite ornamental plants. Not only caladium can be placed in this area with a neat arrangement. However, other plants such as colocasia and snake plants with synthetic rattan planter are also popular.

A lush jungle with eye-catching caladium 


With this fresh green foliage, surround a jungle plant with a collection of caladium. With this combination of tall, textured, and varied plants, gather in one location to provide an even distribution of area.

One of a kind mini wooden stand


A beautiful ornamental plant arrangement on a mini wooden shelf will add a new dimension to your home. This concept can be expanded to include a variety of ornamental plants other than caladiums. You can complete the look by including other types such as fern, monstera or ponytail.

Striking color scheme


Ornamental plant collection games can make a space appear more appealing. Not only is the caladium display colorful, but there are still coleus, including a lovely green variety for any room. You can place it against a wall or in corner of the room.

Include a railing plant


By displaying a beautiful colorful impression of caladium plants and the like, you can alter the spatial pattern. A unique heart shape with a colorful leaf background will add interest to the space. This textured wall backdrop will look great with a trailing plant in a wooden planter.

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