7 Inventive Ways to Spruce Up One of a Kind Plant Pots

7 Inventive Ways to Spruce Up One of a Kind Plant Pots

Homiful.com -- There is no need to wait to beautify your home garden with a unique and creative planter. A good planter and a good plant are both very appealing in one perfect combination for a new look in your home garden. Or planters for celebration gifts are also very simple to make at home. Consider the following ideas first:

Jeans cover planter


Prepare worn jeans that no longer fit to be used as a one-of-a-kind planter like this. make a binder out of a few cm of the bottom of the plants to keep the soil inside the pants. Make a flower pattern out of the same bric and attach it to the outside. 

Boots planter idea


The following suggestions are worth considering. Other trailing plants that dangle, in addition to succulents, can be used. These used boots must, of course, have good drainage so that water does not accumulate and cause the plants to rot.

Pot tires on budget


This is a very inexpensive project that you can do at home. Planting from used tires will be a unique from used tires will be a unique display in the garden or on the front porch. It grows easily anywhere, even in the hot sun, thanks to a dominant set of succulent species.

DIY plastic pot


Choose a low-cost plastic pot for a once-of-a-kind model with painting on the outside, such as this one. You can paint a variety of motifs, including fauna. Make it with the kids so that they can enjot the adult activities as well.

Terracotta glazed blue planter


Made of clay, which is usually terracotta in color, you can replace the outer finishing with blue shades and glazed accents to make the pot look more elegant.

Container garden


The long wooden container garden is ideal for pairing around the house's windowsill. You can hang it on the wall with perennial shrubs and flowers for a unique vertical garden concept. 

Rattan planter


If you want to appear more environmentally conscious, this rattan planter could be the answer. Aside from being long-lasting and inexpensive, this rattan will give the interior a more rustic feel with a dominant natural feel.

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