7 Small Flower Garden Ideas and Plans

Homiful.com -- A garden is incomplete without flowers. The flowers' lovely hues and appealing shapes add a touch of beauty. Even if your land is small, it's no problem! You can incorporate flowers in creative ways to get a stunning flower garden in a small yard. Find out in 7 small flower garden ideas and plans.

1. Small flower garden as ground cover


Make an adorable low flower garden with a ground cover plant. Opt for white candytuft or other low-flowering shrurbs. Let is grow lushly, covering the soil on the sides of the path. These flowers used as a ground cover transform the walkway into an extraordinary welcoming carpet.

2. Hydrangea flowers in containers


Container gardens are a great option for having a small flower garden. You can plant pink hydrangea flowers in a basket container like the picture shows. This hydrangea garden makes a big impact even in a limited container. Carry it on the sides of the sunbeds for such stunning landscaping.

3. Small flower garden on arch


No more space for more flowers? Look at your vertical space! You can even have a beautiful flower garden there. It's easy as growing climbing roses in an arch garden trellis. Let them bloom and beautify your backyard.

4. Let roses bloom on the fence


One more small idea to make the yard like a well-designed flower garden. You can plant the roses, which are good for your zone. Plant them in front of the fence. Some roses can even creep up the fence and cover it beautifully with their lovely blooms.

5. Allium by the pond


Do you have a small fishpond or water pond in your garden? Add a small flower garden to make it more appealing. You can grow allium plant by the pond. Allium grows well in zones 3-9 and has clumped or purple ball flowers. The pretty flowers will make an elegant statement as it grows 18-24 inches tall.

6. Get a perfect composition


Flowers garden don't have to be complicated. Make it as much as you can, even on a small plot of land. Get creative with how you place flowers in pots. You can arrange them to have triangular or balanced arrangement, such as surrounding the flowers with bromeliads on the left and right side.

7. Spring bloom in a container


You may want colorful flowers in one area. Make it stand out by growing it in a wooden container like this one. Choose spring flowers with colorful petals to liven up the garden. You will also get a stunning spring bloom there.

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