8 Houseplants That Thrive In Low Light

 Homiful.com - Do you need the houseplant that can survive in no bright or low light? Then, you get in the right page in this article. Low light houseplant, suitable for you that live in narrow house and has limited natural sunlight to come inside. 

Then, we will share to you about 8 Houseplants That Thrive In Low Light.

ZZ Plant


ZZ plant or can call with Zamioculcas zamiifolia is the houseplant that tolerant with drought and low light. Slow-growing, they have solid green and unique leaves that emerge light green and then fade to near black.

Staghorn Fern


Include epiphytic, staghorn plant can thrive in low light and without soil as media. This houseplant look like deer or elk antlers and native to Asia and Australia. Watering this houseplant with frequent, but the base should be allowed to dry out in between.

Bromeliad Guzmania


Prefer in bright, indirect light, Bromeliad is a showstopper with beautiful array of textures and colors. Bromeliad plants require a little more specific growing conditions to bloom. This houseplant just need enough water to moisten the soil and can tolerate different levels of light.

Dracaena Twister


Houseplant that tolerant with low light, Dracaena twister has eye-catching look that perfect to place at your home or office. Dracaena twister has a swirl of gleaming features, deep green leaves that spiral as they grow upward on a cane stem.

Lucky Bamboo


Houseplant that can easy to grow at indoor, lucky bamboo don't require much sun exposure and need moist, well drained soil. Lucky bamboo, more like succulents and considered a perennial shrub plant type.

Snake Plant Robusta (Sanseviera / Mother-in-law Tongue)


Snake plant or can call with Sanseviera is a beautiful and useful houseplant. They can help to have good air filtration at indoor and can absorb pollutant, be it indoor or outdoor area. They also can tolerant with drought and perfect for more negligent plant.

Watermelon Peperomia


Watermelon Peperomia can survive in neglect while offering a wide variety of colors and textures in the species. You can be watering in infrequent to care it. This houseplant can find in green, red, purple, or gray colors and marbled, solid, or variegated styles.

Ponytail Palm


Become a popular houseplant, ponytail palm has sleek bulb like trunk and lush. They have long curly leaves and make it stunning. Ponytail palm is okay to grown in bright light, but give it half the time. And they also can grow in low light condition half the year.

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