7 Best Container Plants for Indirect Sunlight

7 Best Container Plants for Indirect Sunlight

Homiful.com -- Choosing the right plants for the interior or exterior must be taken into account. For a table a dimly lit room plants that grow well in indirect sunlight, one the other hand, can be a good choice for containers. Here are some of the best shrubs to choose from:



This beautiful flowering plant is a common type of succulent with contrasting dark green foliage. This vibrant, lovely flower for indoor or outdoor use thrives in containers with indirect light.



A plant that can grow anywhere and is sun tolerant but not direct sunlight has a butterfly-like leaf shape with an attractive purple color. Pink flowers, white, yellow, or slightly dark clover red. This plant can thrive and be lush if properly cared for.



This fuschia can thrive in direct sunlight due to its flower appearance, unique shape, and size. Place it in a container to brighten up every corner of the room.



Plants known for their varied foliage and unique patterns typically have blue flowers, and this home garden plant is a coleus. A plant that prefers partial shade to full sun, but is also very tolerant of high temperatures.



The begonia is a beautiful plant with many varieties that have this unique and striking shape. Indoors, plants with lacy flowers that are large in size and can thrive in direct sunlight can be used.



this plant's vibrant foliage comes in a variety of colors, including green, yellow, red, bronze and gold. It thrives in the shade and tolerates sunlight. The color of the leaves will be very appealing if placed in indirect light.



Elephant ear type is always a good choice for an additional collection of ornamental plants. The dominant leaf, with its large size, heart shape, and fat content, is very appealing to your large container. Because this plant grows in tropical and subtropical climates, keep it outside or in a humid location.


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