7 Stunning Anthurium Varieties You Need to See

Homiful.com -- One way to improve the appearance of the home is to display plants. The beautiful Anthurium is one of many ornamental plants that you can grow at home
There are numerous varieties of Anthurium plants, all of which are visually appealing.
If you want to grow them, here are 7 stunning anthurium varieties you must see! Let us admire their beauty!

1. Anthurium andraeanum


Anthurium andraeanum is included in the list of the most popular plant varieties. They have characteristic flowers with a light color that can brighten your room.
This variety is often used as a decoration of holiday plants. Another advantage, they can clean the air well in the room.

2. 2. Anthurium pedatoradiatum


Differs from other varieties of Anthurium. This Anthurium pedatoradiatum boasts an eye-catching of leaves. It's a refreshing green.
The plant is easy to grow. Be sure to water them regularly.

3. Anthurium Hookeri


The variety is easy to grow and does not require special care. Anthurium Hookeri is one of the popular plants and is widely sol in the market.
Suitable for use as a refreshing patio decoration.

4. Anthurium Radicans


Next is Anthurium radicans. They have characteristic texture and fibrous leaves. The color is dark green and look eccentric.
Th plant has low care, avoid excessive watering.

5. Anthurium Scherzerianum


The look of this variety Anthurium is at first glance similar to Anthurium Andraeanum. The plant has wide leaves, with beautiful brightly colored flowers, one of which is orange.
Suitable for use as a room decoration.

6. Anthurium Superbum 


If the previous variety boasted an attractive beauty of flowers. Anthurium Superbum has such beautiful and exotic leaves.
The plant is also easy to grow anywhere.

7. Tulip Anthuriums


Who is not stunned by the charm of Anthuriums Tulips. They have charming flowers. What distinguishes it from other flowers of Anthuriums, Tulip anthurium have smaller flowers.

Those are the 7 stunning Anthurium varieties you need to see. Which one do you choose?

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