7 Plants That are Difficult to Kill and Grow Fast

7 Plants That are Difficult to Kill and Grow Fast

Homiful.com -- Are you just beginning to collect ornamental plants that are easy to grow and difficult to kill? For those of you who are new to gardening, first identify the plant in the review below. Plants are not only beautiful to decorate the room, but some of them can also naturally clean the air in the house.




Plants that can grow well from stem or leaf cuttings will thrive if care is taken and the lighting is not too bright. Because the color is appealing and makes the room visually more dramatic, this ornamental plants with beautiful leaves can be used as a room sweetener. Included in the pant that thrives and is difficult to eradicate.



Plants with a lot of this type require very little maintenance. At an average height, it grows well both indoors and outdoors. This plant can live for a long time even with less frequent watering. Because overwatering will cause this plant wither and develop rotten roots.

Palm parlor


Palms are plants that can enhance the appearance of spaces such as jungle and tropical environments. Plants that are attractive can grow in bright light or outdoors. These small, palm green leaves grow quickly and are difficult to kill.



This plant, also known as devil's vine or golden pothos, is  one of the easiest to care for and the most difficult to kill. This plant thrives in the right light even with poor watering. Because it grows hanging down, it looks great in a container.



This highly variable succulent is a plant that is difficult to kill and grows well in the absence of regular watering. The care is very simple, such as light, proper watering. you can choose from a variety of beautiful succulents such as echeveria, barrel cactus, or kalanchoe, all of which are in the succulent family.



This plant, which grows in tropical rain forest, prefers humidity and low-light conditions. There are numerous varieties, one of which is Monstera borsigiana, which has stunning green leaves. This very attractive if placed outdoors or propagated to a tree requires little care and can thrive.

Rubber tree


This rubber plant is ideal if you want a plant that is difficult to kill and grows quickly. With the right conditions, it can reach a height of 80 feet. This plant comes in a variety of colors, including glossy green, burgundy, and ruby foliage.

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