7 Upcycling Wall Garden Ideas

Homiful.com -- Stop! Don't throw away old furniture or decorations in your home! That might be used for wall-garden cycling ideas. Wall garden can be visually appealing without being tacky. It can also be used as a main decoration in your home or garden. Here are 7 cycling wall garden ideas.

Old windows that become planters

Balcony Garden

There are some people who love to keep unused items. Instead of pilling it up in warehouse, take it to create an upcycling wall garden. Make a wall planter out of an old window. Put some potted plants in the window planter or let the vines grow beautifully up it.

Gorgeous recycled wall garden

Claudia Monge

You can recycle solid object as a garden elements. Give an old pot or container a new look by adding colors and accent that transform it into an adorable planter. Give the wall a fresh coat of bright blue paint for an eye-catching upcycling wall garden idea.

Old tires and old teapot

Jeanie Meritt

If you have elements of old tires and old teapots, resist throwing them away! Use it as an amazing upcycling wall garden. It's good to make an used tires into a hanging or wall-mounted planter. Add a red old teapot as an ornamental like a flower that's being watered beautifully.

Solid wood pieces for upcycling wall garden

Mary Barnett

Should trees in the garden be cut down for safety? You can make an upcycling wall garden out of the remaining stems or branches. Fill in a wooden fence that has been sitting empty for a long time. Let the sun-loving succulents thrive on the planter's wood.

Junk garden ideas


Household junk has more use than you might think. Make a junk garden at home with it. Install junk as an element for placing decorations or as decorative ornament on walls or upper fences. Decorate it with plants to give it garden feel.

Vintage upcycled garden


A rusted garden tool is unavoidable. It's not safe to use for your own safety. You can make vintage upcycled garden tool wall  planters out of them. Potted plants stand out among these vintage garden tools.

Vivid flowers on canvas frame


Old objects will be a stunning focal points in your garden. It just takes a little creativity and effort. Great for making morning glories look like life paintings and beautifully displayed on easels.

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